About Sam Butler, Photographer

Sam Butler was born in Yorkshire, north-east England in the 1980s, and spent most of his childhood in the North. Beginning his photographic journey on Kodak 110 film in the early 1990s, Sam pursued film and, eventually, digital photography with the aim of sharing what he saw with his friends and family.

This aim of his became more important as Sam grew older and left the family home, travelling throughout Europe and later living in the United States before once again returning to Europe.

It was here that Sam took up photography as a professional skill while interning in public affairs. His first tastes of professional photography saw him jumping in at the deep end, covering events at the heart of European Union politics in Brussels and documenting charity work across Belgium.

Since returning to England, Sam has established his trademark fly-on-the-wall photographic style and applied it to documentary and event photography, as well as continuing to capture "ordinary" life through his personal street photography work.

Sam today operates mostly from his home in Manchester, where he is also involved in community work and music.

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Sam Butler, Documentary Photographer - credit: Oscar B May
Sam Butler, Event Photographer - credit: Carine Franceschetti


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